Jeremy White - Remedial Massage Therapist - 19 years in practice

Jeremy White
Level 5 - Park House
187 Macquarie St
Sydney 2000
0416 143 575
Sydney, New South Wales
HICAPS and credit cards accepted with rebates available from all Health Funds

Cost - $100 per hour or $80 for 45 mins or $60 for half an hour

Gift vouchers available on request

For an appointment please call - 0416 143 575

Insured, accredited and registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society ( - ATMS Member No. 6437

I am a Diploma qualified therapist who structures a massage to suit each individual's needs.

Therapies offered:
• Remedial massage
• Sports massage
• Relaxation massage
• Deep Tissue Bodywork
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Trigger point therapy
• Acupressure therapy
• Reflexology

My initial interest stemmed from the use of massage to alleviate pain and improve mobility. Experience gained over the past 16 years has heightened my awareness of the benefits massage has for many health issues such as headaches, stress, fatigue and depression.

Benefits of Massage:
• Enhances relaxation
• Reduces pain
• Improves mobility and joint flexibility
• Improves circulation
• Maintains muscle balance
• Stimulates nerve rehabilitation
• Reduces scar tissue & adhesions
• Aids repair and cellular recovery

Massage improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, via the stimulation of soft tissue. Toxins and waste products are more easily eliminated, which in turn, allows nutrients and essential gases to be absorbed by cells in the body more easily. This aids repair and recovery and in turn prevents illness and muscle stress. By easing muscle tension, massage also eases stress on the nervous system and encourages relaxation.

We maintain our cars, homes and even our gardens but we take our bodies for granted and react only when something goes wrong. Your body is very precious - respect it and take care of it.

Massage can alleviate many health issues such as:

Stress Headaches
Loosening neck, shoulder and scalp muscles and their attachments, relieves stress headaches. By reducing muscle tension, especially in the neck and reducing the tension associated with musculoskeletal disorders, massage can decrease the recurrence of migraines.

Sports Injuries / Preventative Maintenance
Massage creates a localised increase in pressure, which helps with the removal of muscle waste like lactic acid. Lactic acid builds up in muscles during and immediately after strenuous exercise - limiting the recovery of muscles and their effectiveness. Additionally, massage stretches other tissues that cannot be reached by alternative methods. A regular massage is insurance against injury.

Rehabilitation / Recovery
Massage is beneficial after an operation, accident or illness. It stimulates nerves, muscles and lymph, and thereby aids mobility, waste excretion from cells and nutrition in the regions affected. In chronic conditions, regular treatments over a period of time are required to counter the muscles memory effect. Muscles need to re-learn their relaxed state.

Diabetes can cause a lack of circulation and neuropathy in the limbs. This in turn leads to muscle atrophy and nerve insensitivity. Although it has to be approached with caution, massage will return some of the function and feel or at least slow the deterioration. A maintenance program will benefit the sufferer significantly in many cases, with improved mobility, circulation and feel.


Deep Tissue Therapy
Deep strokes are used to warm and stretch tight fascia to release chronic muscle tension. It helps the return of normal tissue tension and restores a normal range of movement.

A powerful tool for relaxation and management of stress. Areas of the feet (or hands) are manipulated to stimulate related areas of the body in order to promote the body’s natural balance and wellbeing.


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Diploma of Remedial Massage

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